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Business Loans

Call (305) 278 - 1811 or log onto


A.C.T. (Access Capital Team) is an innovative collaboration assembled between the South Florida Chamber of Commerce; Broward County Chamber of Commerce; Miami-Dade County Chamber of Commerce; and U.S. Capital Source Corp. to provide vital access to working capital for South Florida’s small business community. A vast network of funding sources has been gathered by the team in order to “find the needle in the haystack” (unsecured working capital) for qualified small businesses for startup, growth and/or survival purposes. ACT’s ultimate goal is to promote the local small business community and free enterprise, by bringing together the best of the public and private sectors in order to generate essential and effective financial and business solutions.


Business funding programs range from 

$5,000 to $500,000 

Unsecured/Uncollateralized Startup & Growth Business Lines of Credit @ 0% to 3% APR.

No Financial Docs or Business Plan required for most programs.

Brand New Startups are Welcome! 


Loans are private market transactions between the lender and the borrower with all terms, conditions, rates, etc., being determined by the funding source, lending bank, or financial intermediary. ACT will not be funded in any way by government or tax dollars.