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Mortgage interest rates fell to 5.29 percent this week, down from 5.33 percent for the past two weeks, according to Calabasas, CA-based Informa Research Services' Interest Rate Review. Wells Fargo mortgage rates today refinance mortgage rates took a plunge to under today. At least trade, average mortgage rates were around 5.08%. We are getting very close to the 5% psychological level that needs to be broken to see much lower mortgage interest rates. For over two months mortgage rates have seen the bottom of a trend channel around 5%. Every single time daily mortgage rates get to this level we see a strong bounce back in the 10 year treasury rate and this pushing mortgage rates towards 5.5%. FHA mortgage rates remain the same as conforming except for the 15 year fixed, which is higher at 4.5%. FHA loan guidelines will be changing on April 5th. Among the changes taking place is MI being boosted to 2.25% of the loan amount. The slow improvement pace we are experiencing right now seems to be less about new borrowers not being able to make their payments and more about existing borrowers who have been delinquent for a very long time, stated Martin. It's like when my friend was looking for lowest mortgage rates reviews. This is when I recommended www.shakeupmortgage.net lowest mortgage rates by. For example our analysis shows the delinquency rate would fall to around percent lowest mortgage rates or pretty much normal if we simply took borrowers who haven't made a mortgage payment in over a year out of the calculation. By comparison, pre-recession, it was unusual for a borrower to go more than 6 months without either being able to cure their situation or go through the foreclosure process. You should go and talk things over mortgage rate tracker with one of the many brokers that specialise in the mortgage market. The best mortgage for your current situation can then be advised with their expert knowledge of the mortgage market place. All this poor performance by Government debt means the Government will have to 'sweeten' the deal at the next treasury auction by paying higher interest rates to attract potential investors. This, in turn, causes mortgage rates to rise. The average FRM rates on 15-year home equity loans of $50,000, with an 80 percent loan-to-value note came in at 7.51 percent, up from 7.48 percent late last year, but down from 7.81 percent a year ago.

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